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Conversation with Ms. Lunna Bose on what interviewer wants to see in candidates.

Conversation with Ms. Priyankini on how to excel in public speaking

For 10+2 students to understnad which are the different career courses available for them to choose

Career opportunities in hotel management by Ms. Shipra Kaul a leadership and life skills coach

Conversation with Ms Margaret an Educational Specialist, E-learning Director & Coach

How to become a research scientist by Ms. Kirthana Sindhe a personnel growth and fitness coach

Importance of health in career and how to maintain good health by Ms. Sapna Agarwal a marathon runner

Opportunities as an acoustic consultant by Abhinav, one of the top 3 accoustic consultants in India

What is image consulting and how to make career in it by Ms. Meera an image consultant and coach

Vision, Life, Focus, Achievement.

StretchNdance brand is helping people build career in fitness

Meaning of success

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