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 Vireesh basavaraj halli

Career & Relationship coach!

Relationship Coaching

Are you struggling to understand why your partner is behaving the way he/she is behaving?

Are you trying to figure out how to fix the differences between you and your partner?

Are you willing to strengthen your relationsip with your partner?


Are you trying to find out the right life partner for yourself?

I can help you to find out the answers for all of your above concerns. Relationship is something which should be embraced more with the time. I take pride in announcing that I have coached many to find the best in their life partner.

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I as a student had no clarity on what to choose as a career, I as a graduate had no clue which company to choose to work with, I as a professional couldn’t figure it out why I am not happy with my work despite of being one of the top performers in the company.

When we don’t have the clarity on what we enjoy doing and take decisions based on the options available, trend, by the influence of others then we are bound to face such situations.

I lost 12 valuable years of my life in figuring out how can I get into a profession which I always enjoy doing, with which time just flies, which I never consider as my work.

I would be happy to help you with getting the most clarity with your career and destination.

Lets get connected.

After having delt with many clients I can understand the sensitivity of the issues in different areas of your life and their consequences if discussed in public.

Considering this fact I have started taking one to one sessions for those who are not comfortable in discussing their concerns in public.

Integrity being one of the core baselines of mine I make sure to maintain the highest level of confidentiality of my clients.

Being brought up in a joint family of 52 people I got an opportunity to study the different mindsets of the people living around us.

This life experience makes me stand out from the crowd to help you in these areas of your life.


Look what my clients has to say about this system and the serivice.

I Can’t Wait To Help You!

“I’m commited to get you on your success path”